How To Start a Business
(The Green Way!)

Ever wonder how to start a business? How about starting a green home business? Believe it or not, entrepreneurship is the new thing to do to beat this economy.

You may be thinking, “How on earth am I going to start a home business?? I mean, I know other people have done it, but how is it going to work for me?”

We will show you how to start a business, the right tools to make it work, and why you should start out by doing it the green way.

how to start a business the green way

Trust Us - It's Easier Than It Sounds

Building a home Internet business is easier than it sounds. You start out by picking what business you would like. If you have a hobby that you think could be profitable, even slightly, then consider the options you have.

Do you work on antique cars? You could start a business by offering your services to those who own such vehicles and need your specialized experience.

Do you have a knack for teaching? Tutor kids after school and start a tutoring business.

Do you like to sew? Are you a master seamstress? Create a business by doing alterations on dresses, tuxedos, and a variety of clothing.

Do you enjoy baking? Start a home business by becoming a mini-caterer and provide your baked creations to parties, socials, and events.

If you don’t have any services or goods to offer people, don’t worry. There are plenty of opportunities for you.

Outside of companies who market through television and newsprint, there are companies who allow individuals to market and sell their products directly to consumers. We call this direct marketing or network marketing.

The reason companies may do this is to cut the massive overhead costs of marketing and storefronts and pass along the savings to their business builders. This is where you come in.

Network marketing is a huge, HUGE, industry. There are hundreds of network marketing or multi-level marketing (mlm) opportunities out there--some good, some bad, and some that are not to be missed! It’s all about the research you do and what you want from a company.

Learning how to start a business begins with research. Learn more about how to start a business by offering your goods or services to others.

Why Green?

Going green is the latest thing--but trust us, it's no passing fad.

Taking care of the planet is becoming part of our daily lives. Just check out all of the magazine headlines and commercials on TV. Everybody is going green and wants to market whatever they're selling to you because it's "green" or is part of the new wave of going green.

You, as a new business owner learning how to start a business, should be no different.

Get on board with saving the planet. Start by checking out 10 Practical Ways You Can Go Green with Ease at Home or at Work.

You have obviously chosen to learn how to start a business to take control of your future. Conserve energy, recycle, and practice green business rules, but first!...

...pick a green business. Starting a home business is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime.

Remember!! Don’t get distracted by all of those web sites with big, flashy cars and pictures of mansions with a nuclear family out in front. Decide what motivates you first and put your goals and dreams in your scrapbook. Need help finding your motivation for doing all of this? Click here for help.

Read this article on why you want to start out green – what is going green anyway and why should you care?

Get organized – home office space, old papers, tax documents, credit reports, filing system.

office desk with mouse - get organized!

Get the right tools - Once you decide on what type of home-based business you might like to pursue, get the right tools to help you be successful. Learn how to take advantage of affiliate marketing to help you monetize, or make money in your business.

Get your free annual credit report – the legitimately free one, not the one you have to pay for and sign up with some sort of crazy membership. Starting a home business may heavily depend on your credit score if you are trying to acquire loans. If you are joining a network marketing company, you most likely will not be getting any loans initially, but it is good to have anyway to know where you stand financially before you start out.

Get business cards (preferably free ones to start with since you may or may not be sticking with a theme/title/etc). Starting a home business is great. Staying in business means being prepared. Have your information handy when you meet prospects or people interested in your business.

Get online! Solo Build It, aka SBI, the simple, step by step system we used to start and build our home-based business is an invaluable resource that showed us how to market our subject expertise online. Remember, starting a home business is no easy task, but getting online will help you facilitate your subject matter expertise. Using a great web service like Solo Build It will help your passion shine and will lay the solid foundation of your business online. Read reviews, and read about the Solo Build It scam attack campaign that isn't a true reflection of this great company.

Get tax software and info – find income tax deductions (coming soon!).

Find out if there are any grants for small businesses in your area or find government loans for small businesses.

Start a 401K if you don’t already have one – use a retirement calculator.

Laugh at gas prices – you are working from home and saving more of your hard earned dough by not driving back and forth...back and your old job. Go ahead and give those chart topping gas prices a chuckle and learn even more ways to earn money online.

Once you make it big, learn about life insurance, health insurance, legal stuff, and find great examples of business thank you letters.

These are only a few of the suggestions if you want to learn how to start a business. If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share, click "Contact Us" on the toolbar on the left side of the page.

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