Green Homes

Green homes are safe, non-toxic, and have a positive impact on the world. They should be the safest place on Earth!

Build It Green

Nowadays people are building their homes with green building materials that are non-toxic, natural, and energy efficient. They install ENERGY STAR® windows, doors, and appliances. Eco-friendly homes have water-efficient fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen. Some green home owners are installing solar panels on their roofs and water irrigation systems down below. They also have appropriate landscaping which helps shade the exterior of the home.

We know this seems a little overwhelming (and expensive), but we want to provide you all perspectives for green living.

Green Homes

For the Rest of Us

For others who do not have the option of building an earth-friendly home from scratch or cannot purchase a green home with all of the attributes above, never fear.

We want to let you in on the secrets of green homes. This is one of our biggest passions! Having an eco-friendly house is nothing more than being conscious of the decisions you make regarding the products, energy, and water you use, what you ingest, what you recycle or throw away, and the appliances you purchase.

Go Green in Your Home

Let us take you on a journey to “green” your home. You may start as quickly as you want or go as slowly as you so desire. Our only hope is that you do implement some of these changes in your life in order to keep it green. Believe it or not, your small changes have an awesome impact on the earth. We'll hope you join us on this journey of going green in your home.

In general, eco-friendly houses use less water, less energy, and create less waste. You can make the big jump by replacing your appliances with ones that are energy efficient or you can simply choose to unplug any appliance when not in use (minus the fridge, of course).

Going Green in Your Home Saves You Money

There are so many advantages to having a green home, but one of the biggest reasons we think going green at home is so important is because it saves you money! Yes, that's right—it will save you tons of ca$h over time because you will use less energy, lowering your water, gas, and electric bills. Sure it can be expensive if you go out and replace everything you have all at once, but taking small steps toward a greener future will save you money in the long haul. And saving money by having an eco-friendly home doesn't stop there.

Below, we've identified a few key areas where mostly anyone can go green in their home. Green your home by switching to earth friendly products. Get green home cleaning tips below. Recycling is a must, of course. Using organic baby products and pet safe products is easier and more cost effective than you think. Investigate green business and consider starting your own.

Save money when you go green

Earth Friendly Products

Did you know that more than 9 out of every 10 suspected poison exposures occur at home with household products? Yikes! You've probably heard about earth friendly products on television or seen them in the stores, but are they really that good for your health and the environment? Explore our database of eco-friendly cleaners for your home, laundry, air quality, and more! Learn why it matters what you clean your dishes, floors, and body with.

Home Cleaning Tips

We believe that cleaning your home should have a positive impact on the planet. How so? Using effective eco-friendly products will have a positive impact on your health, the health of your family, and the world. Learn some great home cleaning tips using eco-friendly products in your home.


Recycling glass, plastics, and paper seem like no-brainers when it comes to going green and a green home, but it doesn't stop there. Learn how to go beyond recycling typical items and declutter your life.

Organic Baby Products

Organic baby products seem like a good idea, but some of them are overrated. Learn about what you really need for your baby in the organic arena.

Pet Safe

Ensuring you use pet safe products seems to be a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised what people expose their pets to. Learn about what Mr. Whiskers and Fido are exposed to and how to protect them from accidental poisoning or other health problems.

Green Business

Interested in starting a green business? Learn how to harness the power of the green movement by starting a green business of your own. Not only will you be preserving the Earth and improving the health of you and your family, but you'll be making an income off something you already love doing!

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