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Green Businesses

green businesses save the planet

Interested in green businesses? Whether you own a business or are looking to start one, you've come to the right place. We'll show you how to start eco friendly businesses in the United States, Canada, Japan, México, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China as well as give you some fantastic tips to “green” your current business practices.

Green Businesses are Here To Stay

With each passing day, consumers, clients, and companies shift their focus towards “going green.” We're wholly convinced this is a great idea and want to help others get involved in the green marketplace, go green, and improve or create their own green businesses.

Eco friendly businesses are clearly in high demand. “Green,” “eco friendly,” “environmentally friendly,” and “earth friendly” are universal buzzwords in today's marketplace. Consumers are clamoring for more green, eco friendly products (and rightly so) because of the positive effects they have on the environment. Never before has it been so easy to start a green business and expand globally!

The opportunity to start your own business may always be available, but now is the absolute perfect time to get started. Never before have people realized the actual effectiveness of green products in relation to the environment on such a wide scale. Consumers from all walks of life are catching on that saving the planet isn't so hard after all—that it can really start with them and the choices they make and the products they buy. That is where you come in.

This perfect window of opportunity to start booming green businesses may pass by if hesitation prevails to take the next step. It is imperative for eco-conscious individuals to supply the demand! There's no better time to start your own green business or tweak your business practices to be more eco friendly in securing your financial future, the health of our planet, and broadening your customer base.

What Makes a Business Green?

Green businesses intentionally protect and preserve the environment during their daily operations. They purposefully create policies and practices that better the lives of their employees, customers, and the environment.

Eco friendly businesses come in all shapes and sizes from large corporations, to small green businesses, to green home based businesses. Green businesses minimize waste, operate efficiently, conserve water, energy, and other precious natural resources, and reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.

Green Businesses Mean Big Business

If you've flipped on the television lately, you've probably noticed most of the commercials marketing something that is green, eco friendly, or all natural. This is no coincidence.

Going green and the green marketplace are booming right now. Did you know that 82% of consumers are willing to switch to a “greener” brand? That is a significant amount of consumers who are open to switch to a more eco friendly line of products just because they are more eco friendly! A supplier is needed to meet the demand for greener products. Big demand means big business. Green businesses are here to stay.

We believe that going green is an essential way of life. We feel so strongly about it, we've built our own business around the concept! Green businesses and entrepreneurs continuously strengthen our economy. They pave the way of environmental stewardship and responsibility, provide environmentally conscious consumers products that are safe, effective, and affordable, and create green jobs within the community. These businesses also ensure that environmental issues remain a priority in today's marketplace. When other green businesses join us in our quest to make the planet a little bit greener, our efforts align and our momentum increases. We believe this is changing the world for the better.

green businesses linked together to save the earth

Green cleaning, laundry, nutrition, weight-loss, and beauty products are all in high demand right now. We don't foresee the demand shrinking any time soon because there are legitimate reasons why green products are so effective, good for you, and good for the planet. As the word spreads about the benefits of using eco friendly products to people and the planet, the demand will only increase.

Why do businesses exist? To make money, of course, but they have a leg up on their competitors when they are profitable and do right by the environment. When green businesses continuously increase the bottom line while preserving the environment, other companies will soon follow. The companies who fail to meet the demands of their consumers will be left behind...

People Like Purchasing from Green Companies Who Care About the Environment

Consumers don't like hypocritical companies, especially those who are ambivalent or irresponsible about the role they play in the environment. Research shows that people are willing to switch brands to a greener brand just because it is more eco friendly! We think the extra nudge will come from the businesses who take their roles as environmental stewards seriously.

We think the company who produces eco friendly products should ironically also be eco friendly. It would be really hypocritical to put up a front of being one with the environment and then pollute it incessantly, right? That's why it's important for you to join the front of green businesses to practice what you preach about going green.

It's All About Consumer Choice

The beauty of consumers is that they have a choice. If they are faced with two companies, one which conducts earth friendly business practices and produces green products that are safe and effective, and the other that produces so-called green products, but doesn't care one way or another about the effect they have on the environment, who do you think they'll choose?

You're a consumer. So who would you rather purchase products from?

green businesses increased sales

The Bottom Line is Green

Green products dominate the industry of organic, non-food items such as personal care products, apparel, textiles, toys, supplements, and pet foods. Organic food and non-food sales increased by 17 percent in 2008 totaling $24.6 billion (despite the recession). Organic non-food sales alone grew by were up 39.4 percent to reach $1.648 billion (Source: Organic Trade Association’s 2007 Manufacturer Survey). This is good news for businesses.

The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) released a study in 2008 that revealed consumers are continuously going green and using organic products. The NMI study showed that organic product consumption has increased 57 percent in 2006 to 59 percent in 2007. The number of individuals who gravitate towards a greener lifestyle have also risen from 16 percent in 2006 to 18 percent in 2007 (Source:

These trends toward a more organic lifestyle mean big business for green businesses. Are you considering starting your own business? Learn more about green work at home careers.

Green Business Is Not All About The Money

This statement may be confusing to some people, but it really isn't all about the money. Green life encompasses so many things, but hoarding success is not one of them. We believe that one of the greenest things you can do is share green business with others. Why? Because green business is really just a mechanism to spread green lifestyle to others while making an income. This isn't too good to be true! People all around the world are making a green living as they promote the planet. How so?

The New, Green Business Model

We've got a brilliant new business model that eliminates hefty start-up costs, removes the necessity to consistently perform at a certain level (unless you want to), and helps you generates profit by simply talking with other people! And the best part of the entire plan is that you succeed when you help others succeed. This new business model is called the green home based business. For years people have been starting their own home based businesses, but have struggled to produce any sort of profit. Typically it takes a year for someone who starts a business to realize any sort of profit, but not with our business model.

The company we partner with provides infinite opportunity to grow your business and help others by going green and living a healthier life. Helping others see there is a healthy life out there waiting for them will literally reap dividends for you and your family. As you share this new green home based business model with like-minded individuals, your business will grow and grow. The opportunity is endless.

Business Success Depends On You Helping Others

Honestly, what could be better than success as a result of helping others? It's a totally new paradigm, but totally effective and successful. The company we partner with has been helping people succeed for over 50 years in the green, health and beauty, weight-management, nutritional, and home based business arenas. So if you are interested in a successful, green home based business in which you get to succeed based on how much you help others, we're here to help! Interested in earning a healthy income, spending more time with your family, and working from home? Learn more.

green home business success

If You've Never Considered A Green Home Business

But are still interested, let us bend your ear a little more. Here are a few questions to think about as you move forward in this journey we call life:

  • Do you have a Plan B if you are laid off?
  • Are you spending too much time at the office and not enough time at home?
  • Are you saving for retirement?
  • Do you have a college fund for your children?
  • Do you feel fulfilled in your current position?
  • Do you find yourself wanting to spend more time on [fill in the blank], but have no extra time?
  • Are you prepared for any economic setbacks should they arise e.g. surgery, home/car repair, braces, nursing home costs for your parents, etc?

If you have a blossoming financial plan to cover the circumstances above, more power to you! But if you are like some of the rest of us who haven't thought about next week, much less the next several years financially, we want to help.

The green business model allows you to bloom and grow at your own pace. Your business will grow at the rate in which you want it to. No hocus pocus, get-rich-quick weird stuff, but your genuine work ethic application that will literally pay dividends for years to come by going green and sharing it with others.

If you're ready to join our team in the United States, please scroll to the end of this page for additional information. If you'd like to watch a short video clip about our new green business model go to If you have questions, please click here to contact us with your questions. We can't wait to help you succeed by helping you help others!

Everything You Need To Know About Green Businesses

In the pages below, we'll show you opportunities for green businesses in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China. We'll also show you how to green your current business.

Green Home Based Jobs

Working at home is one of the greenest things you can do! There's nothing better than earning a living and making a difference in the planet. There are several notable, legitimate, green, home based jobs out there just waiting for the eco-enthusiast to snatch up, but only a select few have really caught our eye. Learn more.

How to Start a Business (The Green Way)

Need to know how to start a business the green way? Explore this page to find out how to start a business and the right tools you need to turn a green profit without spinning your wheels.

Green Companies Coming Soon!

If a large portion of big-name companies have switched their marketing gears to become more earth friendly to appeal to the more sensible, eco-conscious consumer, shouldn't you? We'll show you the truly green companies we shop with who practice what they preach when it comes to going green.

Green Technology Coming Soon!

Green technology encompasses the means in which all things green are created ranging from solar lighting to wireless reading devices

to the production of green cleaning products. Green technology embraces sustainable business practices, utilizes eco friendly materials, and minimizes or eliminates a negative impact on the environment. Click the link above to learn more about green technology trends and how they continuously improve our way of life and save the planet.

Green Home Business Ideas Coming Soon!

There are only a few quality, minimal start-up cost green home business ideas out there, one being our most favorite of all. The green home business idea we are referring to is the only green business that has thrived in every recession within the last 50 years. This extraordinary green business has grown and prospered exponentially since it's inception in 1956. For the last 50+ years it has enabled people to save for retirement, send their kids to college, travel, and provided the financial freedom we all crave. We'd be honored to have you join our team. Learn more about this revolutionary green home business idea today or the link above to learn about other green home business ideas.

A Green, Home Based Business-Canada Coming Soon!

Looking for an opportunity to start a home based business in Canada? We've got the perfect green company for you to partner with in Canada to start your very own business at home. If your native language is Chinese and you live in Canada and want a home based business, we've got information for you too.

Japanese Business (Green Business, That Is) Coming Soon!

Interested in starting a home based Japanese business, but aren't sure how to do it? We'll show you the best green, Japanese business model available with more than 30 years of green, high-quality experience to back it up.

Small Business-México (en Español También) Coming Soon!

Want to start a green, small business in México? We'll show you how to start a home based business in México today. Investing in your own home based business in México has never been more safe, convenient, and profitable. Explore our business opportunities in México today through the link above.

Starting a Malaysian Business Coming Soon!

Are you interested in starting a Malaysian business and live in Malaysia? It may seem like a large undertaking, but we've got the inside scoop on starting a Malaysian business at home. Explore starting your own Malaysian business (the green way) through the link above.

Green Business-Taiwan Coming Soon!

Do you live in Taiwan? Are you interested in starting your own earth friendly business in your home country, but need some motivation and direction? Check out our small business ideas in Taiwan through the link above.

Doing Business in China (the Green Way) Coming Soon!

There are endless advantages to doing business in China, especially when it comes to starting your own green business. If you live in China and are interested in starting your own business, learn more about the options available to you to secure your financial future today through the link above.

Green Investing Coming Soon!

Green investing is the life-blood of all future environmental movements to save the planet. Investing in green companies, businesses, and other services that are driven not only by green business practices, but also by green innovators will ensure we move toward a healthier planet. Investing in socially responsible stocks and bonds will shift the market paradigm to a more eco friendly path. Click the link above to learn more about green investing.

Green Business Practices Coming Soon!

Last, but not certainly not least, are fantastic, improve-your-business-by-going-green methods that will save your company money and will certainly help save the planet. Boost customer loyalty and draw new, eco friendly customers in by switching to more eco friendly business practices.

information on green businesses

Join Our Team in the U.S.A.

Looking for a company that couples health, beauty, and natural products, the green movement and home based business into one? If you live in the United States, learn more about partnering with one of the top eco friendly businesses in the United States.

A major bonus to partnering with one of the best eco friendly businesses out there (see link above) or starting your own green business, is that people are loyal to their brand. We all tend to be creatures of habit, liking one brand over another. You could view this as a setback, but we like to look at it as a major bonus. Producing only eco friendly products that are safe and effective in an earth friendly way will bring you more long term, residual customers because of your dedication to green principles.

Starting green businesses may seem impossible to various individuals, but others that have walked before you have done it and have abounded in success.

There's no time like the present! We look forward to you joining our team and supporting you as you start your own earth friendly business!

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