Eco Friendly Products

A host of supposed eco friendly products are marketed as being great for the planet, but are they really? Which products are really green, non-toxic, and safe for you and your family? In this article, we'll show you the best earth friendly products on the market today including cleaning products, shopping bags, gifts, and we'll even throw in some great eco friendly cleaning tips.

Eco Friendly Cleaning

If you want to practice eco friendly cleaning, you've come to the right place. Using eco friendly products really boils down to safety and effectiveness. When you are done cleaning your house, it should be cleaner than when you started, right? Unfortunately a majority of cleaning products out there promise big cleaning results, but leave behind a toxic mess for you to breathe in or ingest. In reality, when you use ordinary products that contain harsh chemicals, the toxins stay behind.

Take a gander at some of our handy-dandy facts below.

eco friendly products

Did you know:

  • 9 out of 10 poisons exposures occur in the home.
  • Most carpet cleaners are extremely toxic to children. Fumes given off by carpet cleaners can cause cancer and liver damage.
  • Chlorine is the chemical most frequently linked to household poisonings and a potent pollutant. It may cause reproductive, endocrine and immune system disorders.
  • Degreasers may contain petroleum distillates and butyl cellosolve, which can damage lung tissues and dissolve fatty tissue surrounding nerve cells.
  • Drain cleaners are one of the most hazardous products in the home. Some contain lye, which is a strong caustic substance that causes severe corrosive damage to eyes, skin mouth, and stomach and may be fatal if swallowed.
  • Glass cleaners may contain ammonia. Fumes from ammonia can irritate skin, eyes, and the respiratory system.
  • Mold and mildew removers are often an acute respiratory irritant which may damage the lungs, eyes and skin.
  • Oven cleaners are one of the most dangerous cleaning products. They can cause severe damage to the eyes, skin, mouth, throat.
  • Scouring cleansers may contain butyl cellosolve, a petroleum-based solvent that can irritate mucous membranes and cause liver and kidney damage.
  • Toilet bowl cleaners are also one of the most dangerous cleaning products and can contain chlorine and hydrochloric acid. They are harmful to your health simply by breathing during use.
  • Tub and tile cleaners can contain chlorine and may contribute to the formation of organochlorines, a dangerous class of compounds that can cause reproductive, endocrine and immune system disorders.

And here we thought home sweet home was the safest place on earth. What gives? Most cleaning products today, including some supposed eco friendly products, contain harsh contaminates and chemicals that may be harmful to your health and the health of your family and pets. We understand that it's time consuming to do the research to find out which eco friendly products are safe, biodegradable, and affordable, so we've done it for you.

We found the perfect eco friendly products for you that are biodegradable, high-performing, non-toxic, safe, free of harsh fumes and chemicals, fragrance free, natural, hypoallergenic, recyclable, and not tested on animals. These eco friendly products will replace forevermore all of the scary cleaners mentioned above for a fraction of the cost. Go to to learn more.

See the thing about most store-brand cleaners is that they promise a big bang for your buck, but they don't mention all of the potential health risks and side effects their products cause. Heck, they even promise big results, but come up short in the end (and give you a big ole headache to boot). eco friendly products clean floors without toxic residue

Despite some of the eco friendly products' poor performance, they certainly don't mention the toxic residue left behind after use. Think about all of the important parts that touch a recently cleaned surface: feet, hands, legs, arms, skin, your infant crawling around on the floor (who sucks his thumb), your pet (who later cleans his feet with his mouth), and on and on. What are your cleaners leaving behind?

Choose eco friendly products that are safe for your home and safe for the environment. Go to to learn more about making your home the safest place on earth.

packaging waste pollutes the environment

Packaging Waste

We guess a lot of people don't think about the amount of packaging tossed in the trash when purchasing new cleaning agents and so-called eco friendly products. Even if we recycle a portion of the toxic cleaning products, we've still wasted those materials. We think it's great that a few companies have signed on to produce more eco friendly products, but we don't want to stop there.

If you truly want to be green and make a difference in the planet, direct your resources to eco friendly products that clean tough dirt like a charm, but also have minimal packaging waste. One of our favorite eco friendly products, the Get Clean® Starter Kit (offered through one of our Shaklee Ind. Dist.):

  • Keeps 108 pounds of packaging waste out of landfills
  • Eliminates 248 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions
as opposed to the stuff you probably buy.

Get Clean Products Offer Cleaning Choices That are Green, and Here's Why:

  • Sustainably sourced natural ingredients
  • Biodegradable surfactants
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Recyclable wipes
  • Recyclable dryer sheets
  • No chlorine bleach
  • No volatile organic cleaning compounds
  • No phosphates
  • No nitrates
  • No borates
  • No animal testing

There's no better time to recycle/donate/get rid of your old, toxic cleaner to get the best eco friendly cleaning system on the market. Learn more about these eco friendly products that are safe for you and our planet by going to

eco friendly cleaning

Once you acquire your Get Clean® Starter Kit, we'll e-mail you the very handy Mixture and Usage Guide. The guide will show you 1,001 eco friendly cleaning tips and uses for your new purchase including how to:

  • remove wallpaper
  • keep your iron clean
  • make bubble bath
  • remove gum
  • make a flea dip and shampoo for dogs
  • remove boat algae
  • get rid of flies around your horses
  • make a pick-me-up tonic for your houseplants
  • remove crayons from walls
  • make safe bug repellent
  • make a safe yard spray to keep away fleas
  • and much, much more.

If you don't receive your Mixture and Usage Guide after your purchase, please click here to let us know.

Eco Friendly Kitchen

You don't have to remake your entire kitchen to save money and go green. The following are a few quick upgrades for your kitchen to make it more eco friendly (it'll save you some money too!):

Mini-convection oven. The Cuisinart TOB-195 Exact Heat Stainless Steel Toaster Oven Broiler heats up in minutes and uses less energy than your typical conventional oven. This model has received great reviews, it's compact and looks great.

Rethink your electric coffee maker. The Toddy Cold Brew System is a big hit with coffee lovers who need to reduce their intake of acid. This coffee system brews smoother coffee that has 67% less acid than traditional brewing methods, it doesn't use any electricity, and the coffee concentrate brewed stays fresh up to 3 weeks. All you do for a hot cup is add hot water. Click here to order Toddy Replacement filters. Click here for unique, delicious coffee concentrate recipes.

eco friendly baby

Eco Friendly Baby

If you want an eco friendly baby, there are a host of eco friendly products and materials out there to keep the apple of your eye as green as ever. Parents are raving about Green Sprouts Eco-friendly Waterproof Absorbent Terry Bib 5 Pack for Boys and Girls. Green Sprouts is a company that uses organic cotton and cornstarch resin in their non-toxic baby products to keep your child safe. Check out their great teething ring, teether keys, and their very popular hand-shaped cornstarch teether (PVC, BPA, and petroleum free). Make an effort to purchase eco friendly products that are made from non-toxic materials, especially the ones that your baby puts into their mouth! If the product label doesn't say that the plastic is non-toxic, it's safe to say it might be. As always, err on the side of caution, especially when it comes to your eco friendly baby!

Eco friendly baby wipes are also becoming very popular. It's important to use baby wipes that don't contain any harsh chemicals including chlorine or alcohol. While some scented wipes smell good to the user, the actual smell is produced by chemicals that aren't so good for your baby. Using eco friendly baby wipes are worth the extra couple of bucks because of the positive impact on your baby's health. Diaper change after diaper change these chlorine and alcohol free unscented baby wipes from Seventh Generation will be gentle on your baby's skin and easy on the environment. The packaging is up to 90% less than other comparable baby wipe brands.

organic baby skin care

In the interest of optimal health for your baby, the products, including the eco friendly products, you use should not contain parabens, 1,4-dioxane, sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, or phthalates. There also shouldn't be synthetic fragrances or artificial colors or any biphenol-A, phthalates, or toxic inks in the packaging either. There are a host of supposed organic baby products out there, but nothing delivers like the Shakleebaby™ and Shakleekids™ lines (offered through our Shaklee Ind. Dist.). Their organic baby skin care wash, lotion, organic baby oil, diaper cream, and special infant formulated multivitamins are top of the line and don't contain any of the chemicals listed above. A lot of the products are Kosher too.

It's always a good idea to supplement your eco friendly baby's diet with a multivitamin especially designed for optimal absorption. Go to to learn more.

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

As we're sure you've heard, plastic grocery bags aren't very green. Did you know that 14 plastic bags have enough petroleum in them to drive a car for one mile? In the US alone, 84 billion plastic bags are generated and used a year. Next time, BYOB (bring your own bag) to the store.

If you want the greenest, eco friendly shopping bags that are 100% recyclable and hold 3 times more than your typical plastic bag, check out the Earthwise Reusable Grocery Tote Bags. This set comes with 7 bags, including 1 insulator bag and 1 six-bottle wine bag and are cheaper than buying them individually at your local grocer. They come in the best color, of course, green and also have free shipping. Awesome!

If you need more than 7 bags, check out this set of 10 reusable grocery bags in black (more bang for your buck plus free shipping).

Eco Friendly Gifts

Environmentally Friendly, Reusable Water Bottles. One of the most practical, reusable eco friendly gifts you can give someone is an eco friendly water bottle. This is perfect for someone who loves water (and their water bottles that pollute the environment). The 25 oz. Green Bottle Stainless Steel Water Bottle is a fantastic (and subtle) way to make your friend, co-worker, or family member a little bit greener. For a a slightly larger bottle, pick up the 1 Liter New Wave Enviro Stainless Steel Water Bottle. These water bottles are inexpensive and great gifts to promote (or introduce others to) the green movement. You can almost bet this gift won't be re-gifted either because it's so fantastic.

BestWater® Perfect Pitcher®

You're going to need an inexpensive water filtration system for your new eco friendly water bottles you just purchased, so why not also pick up Shaklee's BestWater® Perfect Pitcher®(offered by our Shaklee. Ind. Dist.) to complete the eco friendly gift set? The filtration system uses granulated carbon extracted from coconut shells to filter and hold contaminants from your water. You get (inexpensive) crisp, refreshing, delightfully filtered water that's good for your body and for the environment. All eco friendly products you purchase from Shaklee through our Independent Distributor ensures your money is going to a company who totally offsets their carbon emissions and implements sustainable and eco friendly business practices.

Shaklee was the very first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral™ (totally offsetting their carbon emissions resulting in a net zero impact on the environment). They constantly win awards for sustainable business practices and in green design for their world headquarters. They are the number one natural nutrition company in the US. They power 54 Gold Medals with their products and have invested over $250 million in clinical testing, research and development. Each year they test for purity and safety with over 80,000 quality tests. They also recycle 1,000,000 pounds of cardboard from other companies. They've joined forces with explorer Jacques Cousteau, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai, and other earth advocates to further the green movement. When you take your business to a truly green company like Shaklee who specializes in manufacturing quality nutritional, weight, home, and beauty products from nature, you send a strong message to competing companies who aren't concerned with the green movement.

Make the switch to truly eco friendly products today by going to

Eco Friendly Energy (and Money) Saving Power Strips

We're big fans of the Smart Strip LCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip with Autoswitching Technology . The Smart Strip saves you big bucks by automatically switching off all of the items plugged into it when the main appliance is turned off. It's got 10 outlets to plug stuff into, protects against power surges, and uses less than one watt of power when fully energized. The beauty of this eco friendly product is that it stops the phantom load or inactive use of electricity when your appliances are plugged in, but switched off. You save money. Less electricity is used. Green has never been so easy.

If you feel like being a little more creative, make your own eco friendly gift basket stuffed full of certified organic groceries. Personalized, eco friendly gifts are always a big hit.

eco friendly gift

Eco Friendly Baby Gifts

Know someone that just had a baby? Give them the best eco friendly gift for their newborn—gentle, safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic organic baby products. Their green hearts will rejoice when they receive these thoughtful gifts. Giving eco friendly baby products shows your concern for their newborn as well as the planet. They will be comforted to know that they're using the best earth friendly baby products available on the market today. The Shakleebaby™ line (offered through our Shaklee Ind. Dist.) showcases top of the line, no scary or harsh ingredient, products. Check out Shaklee's baby wash, lotion, oil, diaper cream, and infant multivitamins.

Another one of our favorites is the The Giving Tree - Green, Eco-Friendly New Baby Gift Basket Featuring Book by Shel Silverstein & A Plant-a-Tree Kit. This adorable set includes the classic book The Giving Tree, a cuddly teddy bear, and a plant a tree kit for the new addition to the family. The gift basket is eco friendly and includes free shipping!

organic cotton sheets

Organic Cotton, Eco Friendly Bedding

If you're looking for bedding made from organic, sustainable, non-genetically modified sources, Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Percale Bedding by Garnet Hill is for you. The organic cotton sheets are made from hand-picked cotton that is free from pesticides and herbicides. The fabric is not finished with toxic chemicals either. Bonus—almost all of the sheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers are half-price!

We Love Organic Cotton

Organic cotton possesses the same great qualities as standard cotton (hypoallergenic, soft to the touch, durable, breathable, etc.), but is made from cotton plants that are not genetically modified (GMO). The non-GMO cotton seeds aren't treated with harmful fungicides or herbicides either. Organic cotton crops are rotated and harvested to promote the sustainability of the land. Organic cotton is made into various textiles, bedding, clothing, and housewares. Typically organic cotton products do not require special care handling and washing, unless otherwise noted on the label.

If there is an eco friendly product we missed, please click here to let us know. We'll post your favorites on this page so check back often for updated eco friendly gifts.

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