Earn Money Online While Going Green

earn money online by going green

We all like to think that there is some magic formula to earn money online, but is it really real? We're almost positive you've seen a bunch of cookie-cutter commercials with overzealous people touting shiny sports cars, big houses, and domestic perfection if you call 1-This-Is-Probably-A-Scam. But will you really be able to attain what the commercials suggest?

It's exciting to think that you could earn money online, but we have to wonder how legit it is. The unfortunate truth is that a lot of that stuff is hype surrounding shady pyramid schemes (which are illegal), but that doesn't mean you can't earn money online legitimately and securely.

When You Earn Money Online, You Go Green

Instead of driving to work (escalating gas prices, emissions), using oodles of energy (electricity, gas, etc.), and luncheon (costly, not as good as home cooking, other use of resources), you can be comfortable and make money from home (conserving resources, spending time with family) while you earn money online. Sounds pretty green to us. We love the ideas of going green and earning money online, hence the helpful discussion below.

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Why You Want to Earn Money Online

We don't know that many people who aren't interested in earning a few extra bucks, especially in this economy. You probably are someone who is looking to have their financial needs met in one way or another—be it making ends meet, to saving for retirement, to getting and staying out of debt.

We applaud you for being responsible and taking a serious approach to obtaining a means to complete your goals. It's important to do the necessary footwork in order to realize your dreams and we'd like to help point you in the right direction.

Earn money online to accomplish your goals, large or small. Use the money you earn online to supplement your current income or eventually even replace your primary income source while you build a green business of your own. Maybe you even quit your job because the income you're earning online is enough to meet your needs!

We are always in need of more green partners out there to further our mission of keeping families healthy and saving the planet.

So How Do You Earn Money Online?

It's really no secret. You earn money online by talking (and writing) about stuff you like. It's as simple as that. You might be thinking, “really?”

Really! We know this seems hard to believe, but it really, really is the way to earn money online. It's all about finding your niche, or your specialized area of knowledge or interest. You then write different articles, blurbs, snippets, and other documents (not as daunting as it sounds) about your niche. This is the best method we've encountered to earn money online in a long term manner.

Writing articles on Squidoo, creating keyword focused web sites (not as hard as it sounds), posting Facebook® notes and updates, blogging (web logging—kind of like an online journal) about your favorite topics, and tweeting on Twitter™--all of this can easily turn into an endless residual income you can earn online. It's totally legitimate because it is all created by you. Learn the difference between blogging and building a website here.

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The Best Method to Earn Money Online

In our humble (and green) opinion, partnering with a previously established green business is the best way to earn extra money online.

To do that, you may start your own green business go to www.shaklee.com.  After you do that, click here to start building your very own site like this one and make money from home. Not only will you make money from home, but also you can work at your own pace, on your own hours, and you save precious resources that you'd otherwise use up during the typical work-away-from-home day.

When you build a green business and make money from home, you are enabling future prosperity in your life. So far, we've seen people create their own green businesses, regardless of gender, class, ethnicity, education, or location and, as a result, they send their kids to college, put themselves through college, save for retirement, take exotic, well-deserved vacations, build their dream homes, donate substantial amounts to their favorite charities and ministries, pay off debt, and other fantastic things. It's up to you what you do when you earn extra money.

This is really where it's at—building your own personalized green business that, with the help and training from your friends at GreenHomeGreenBusiness.com, will most likely survive any recession and will hopefully take you and your loved ones to financial nirvana with nothing but smooth sails.

It really isn't too good to be true. It's not a get rich quick thing. It's taking a subject as important as going green and turning it into a residual income that you earn online. Yes, it takes some effort from you, but we know you and your family are worth it!

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Other Great Ways to Earn Money Online at Home

In a nutshell, you should concentrate your efforts on creating, writing, and producing keyword focused content related to your personal niche through the following mediums:

  • Use Site Build It! (SBI)as a platform on which you post your content.
  • Use Squidoo articles to post articles and information about a very specific topic. You can link to products and earn commissions off of each sale.

If you need some help brainstorming your niche, click here and review “Day 2” of the action guide. If you're having trouble, click here to contact us with your questions.

Once you determine your niche, find keywords that are related to your topic by using the Google Adwords™ Keyword Tool. This will show you how often people search for a specific keyword and will help you determine which words you should incorporate into your website(s), blurbs, articles, etc.

If you want to earn extra money online, in addition to the means above (without the extra effort), explore the Google Adsense™ advertising program. This method piggybacks off the content you create on the web and can earn extra money in no time. Click here to learn more. If you have a website or blog already, learn more about the largest paying commission affiliate program available online by clicking here.

To Build Free Traffic To Your Site Without Paying for Advertising

  • Once you start writing your content, plug in the web links to TrafficSwarm to get your site, blog, or article displayed to thousands of web surfers for free!
  • Sign up for Twitter™ and start tweeting your posts to reach a wide audience across the globe.
  • Ensure you are building keyword focused content using the right tools to make your website/blog/articles highly trafficked.

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Fantastic Referral Programs with Healthy Commissions

Below are some of our favorite referral programs that pay commissions we might write home about. Each of the sites allows you to link to different products that are related to your niche. When someone makes a purchase based off your referral, you earn a commission. You also earn commissions off most of the programs below when you refer someone else to the program and they use the service in their site/blog/article as well.

Yes, There Are Other Methods to Earn Money Online

But we think they aren't as great compared to the other, more substantial and longer lasting ways to earn money online (mentioned above).

Taking surveys and viewing advertisements do generate a semblance of income, but if you're really looking to substitute or even replace your full time job with the extra money that you earn online, you need something with a little more bite—something that is a little more substantial than surveys. Besides, the survey companies that we've experimented with didn't pay all that much. It actually took 2 years for one of our staff members to earn $25 online! That doesn't seem like it's worth your precious time.

But If You're Interested, Here are the Less Substantial Ways You Can Earn Money Online

The following highlight a couple of ways to earn money online with a few clicks. The sites are user friendly and you earn a commission when you recruit others to view ads and take surveys online. Bonus: they require minimal brain power and output on your part.

  • One of our favorite, not so user intense ways to earn money online is viewing ads and completing surveys at SendEarnings. The earnings vary, depending on your interests and the types of surveys you choose to complete, but we like this site. It's easy to navigate and earnings are paid out when you earn extra money in the amount of $25 or more.
  • Our other favorite site allows you to view e-mails and ads from various advertisers. Your efforts will earn you $.02 per e-mail and $.01 for each e-mail people you refer read. Check out Hits4Pay to passively earn extra money while you surf the internet.

The programs are the best we've found so far that are safe, easy to use, and have decent referral commissions, which is good for you (and all of the people you refer). If you have a favorite referral program that we haven't listed here, please let us know by clicking here.

If you need further assistance about how to earn money online, please let us know by clicking here. We want you to be happy, green, and financially secure.

Love earth. Love life. Live green.

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