Going Green
In Your Home And Business

After three years of green business, we are closing our doors. If you are interested in purchasing this domain name, get started by visiting DomainTools.com, and click on Domain Availability.

You can still purchase green and organic products from our super green sister site, but our site will go dark soon.

Keep it green!



Welcome to GreenHomeGreenBusiness.com, the best going green resource for your home and business.

We offer ways to save your hard-earned money with savvy, practical green tips for daily living. We'll teach you how to earn money by going green as well as a host of other practical green living ideas.

We review only the best, most rigorously tested and high-performing eco-friendly products on the market to help you select which ones are right for you and your family. Our green home and green business solutions are easy to implement and will save you time and money.

Going Green

Going green is more than a passing trend. It’s a lifestyle! We are dedicated to bringing you the best "living green" guide for your home and business.

Learn easy tips and tricks to going green at home and in your small or home-based business. If you don’t have a home-based business, but are interested in entrepreneurship, we’ll show you how to get started right away (even if you're on a budget).

If you currently own a business, learn how to save company assets by embracing eco-friendly practices that won't cramp your style or productivity.

Making a "green living" at home conserves valuable resources and it's better for the environment too! Jump on the bandwagon of loving mother earth and earn money while you do!

Because running a green home and operating a green home-based business go hand in hand, explore the ways you can live an even more low-impact lifestyle by using green products and materials. You'll learn about green technology, green mutual funds, genetically modified organisms, and more!

If you've already taken green steps to recycle and adjust your thermostat, we thank you!

But we know a lot of you out there want to do more to be green and help the planet. Join us today to promote green lifestyles in your town or city by:

We know that old habits die hard, but we encourage you to take the next step to make this planet cleaner, healthier, and greener. If not you, then who?

Learn more about joining our fight to green the planet. Each sustainable step you take brings us closer to a cleaner, greener world.

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